Two trips to the emergency room in the past three days. Was basically refused service at flagler hospital once I disclosed my trans status and I’m considering in filing a report for discrimination.

explain what you mean by basically denied service

When I disclosed my trans status to the doctor he treated me like a joke and decided I wasn’t worth his time. I was in excruciating pain (so much so I was crying, nauseas, and shaking) and all he did was take a urine sample and listen to my lungs. No pain medicine. No blood work. No tests. And when he listened to my lungs he made me take my robe off just so he could see my chest and then told me the surgery results were bad. He then went and told his coleauges about me and a curious and ignorant nurse came into the room asking me about my genitals, saying I really fooled her, calling Transwomen dirty and unkept, and casually using the word tranny. The doctor wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain what was hurting. All he said was that it was my choice to do this to myself and that he couldn’t help. All that the discharge instructions say is to follow up with my primary care physician.

ah, unfortunately this doesn’t fall under denied service as they did do intake, and some sort of exam/tests yada yada. You’re much closer to getting a discrimination/harassment/sexual harassment charge though. Your best bet is go to to the hospital board, tell them what happened. And tell them you are very prepared to show up with a CROWD of LGBT protesters outside the hospital and a hefty lawsuit if they dont compensate you for your suffering and fire said doctor and nurse


Two trips to the emergency room in the past three days. Was basically refused service at flagler hospital once I disclosed my trans status and I’m considering in filing a report for discrimination.

explain what you mean by basically denied service


How long do things from T-kingdom normally take to ship? I ordered it for days ago…

well they’re coming from Japan so the usual assumption is 2 weeks to a month.



w h y do i need like months of therapy before im allowed to start taking T

ive already seen a psychotherapist a few times, is that what it means? or is there more therapy that i need on top of that
because the psychotherapist gave me a list of trans-friendly psychologists? what do i need to see them for now??

like how much more therapy do i really need, im feeling fine about all this my biggest problem is that i cant take T yet

The reason why you need therapy for hormones and top surgery is because you have to have all your other problems ironed out before you start permanently altering your body. Gender therapists are trained to see if you are actually experiencing dysphoria. A lot of other mental disorders have a symptom of hating how you look, and with being transgender being more visible, its hard not to think of that as the cause and convince yourself of it. Regardless of whether you know you’re doing it or not. 
Such as, if you have Dysmorphia, NOT Dysphoria. If you start hormones and actually suffer from Dysmorphia, then you’ll still hate your body, and then you’ll have permanently changed it. Making the Dysmorphia harder to cope with. 
Likewise a lot of people think that their depression/anxiety/whatever will go away when they start hormones and pass as male. Which is so far from the truth. Your may feel better about your appearance. But if you’re depressed or anxious before T, you are going to be after T. It may be about other things, but you will still suffer from it. So most psychiatrists will make sure you are on medication for any other mental disorders like bipolar/depression/anxiety and see if that clears things up before prescribing hormones or surgery. 

As for surgery letters. When a transman has top surgery, not only is the breast fat removed, but so is the mammary gland. Which means, if you were to just get it removed and decide later to have children, you would be unable to breast feed. And if you had detransitioned in that time, this could be devastating as the act of breast feeding is a necessary bonding experience between parent and child. 
Its cutting out a whole organ off of your body. While must surgery that invasive is ONLY done when it is ABSOLUTELY nessisary. Women with very large breasts that have reductions only have reductions of fat, not of the actual mammary gland. No plastic surgeon in the country other than those that offer elective transgender surgeries would just, cut out an organ because the client could afford it


I honestly dislike my endo because he outright refuses to put me on injections despite the fact that ive been requesting them since I started T

what is his reasoning?


How long are people waiting before they start using soaps on their upper body for post op showers? I had my first post op shower yesterday, the day after getting my dressings and stitches off, man was that a scary experience! I just used water as recommended, but i stink! I wanna know how long to wait.

baby wipes, they’re like $1 at walmart for a baggie. Get a couple packages and do a full body wipedown, you’ll feel great


If a FTM takes T while their boobs are still developing, does it stop or slow the growth at all?


Ren says:

Yup, it’ll stop the growth.

Um no, mormones are different for everyone, sometimes it wont, sometimes they’ll get smaller. You can’t just make a blanket statement like that. Hormones are so unresearched you can’t know what a person’s body will do.